Steer Tires

ST 778 Long Haul Steer

  • Flat contact technology minimizes irregular wear by controlling the shape and pressure distribution of the tire footprint.
  • Shoulder grooves work with the wide, flat tread radius to control irregular wear.
  • Thousands of micro sipes protect the interior ribs from punch wear.
  • 4/32nd” stone ejectors protect the casing from damage inside the base of the groove.


  • Steer/All-Position
  • 5-Rib Tread Pattern Including Wide Shoulders Promotes Durability And Even Wear
  • Enhanced Siping And Wide Grooves Allows For Premium Traction In Both Wet & Dry Conditions
  • Full Size Compliment From 19.5″ To 24.5″ Rim Diameters

Wide Base Steer Tires

Sumitomo ST720

The ST 720 tires is a rugged wide-base tire with a long-standing reputation for high mileage and vehicle stability.

  • Wide Outer Ribs – stabilizes vehicle in turns and at highway speeds.
  • Patented Rubber Compounds – delivers long mileage, excellent wet traction.
  • Computer Designed Pattern – great traction and stability.
  • Special Steel Coating – reduces development of rust on the steel cables.


  • On-Off Highway
  • Aggressive multi-purpose tread design ideal for on/off highway applications
  • Large tread elements offer improved handling and excellent traction
  • Heavy-duty belt package and undertread offer increased durability, uniform wear and stability

Zeetex ZOM

  • Aggressive multi service tread design promotes excellent traction for on and\r\n off highway applications
  • Robust tread elements and a heavy duty belt package provide increased durability uniform wear and stability

Drive Tires

Suretrac RT369

  • Suitable for driving wheel of vehicle
  • Wide deep treads, special groove design
  • High gripping force and powerful driving; contacting road surface evenly, improved wear-resistance
  • Effectively prevents stones lodged in the tread and offers protection for tire body

Dynacargo Y103

  • Closed Shoulder Drive
  • Tread design provides even wear, while maintaining excellent traction
  • Heavy-duty casing for strength, stability, toughness and multiple retreads
  • Extra deep 30/32” tread depth promotes long original tread life

Zeetex ZDR

  • Aggressive open shoulder tread design provides superior traction and even wear
  • Heavy duty casing provides stability and multiple retreads
  • Suitable for single axle wheel positions

Trailer Tires

Suretrac RT803

  • Trailer wheel position
  • Optimized pattern design
  • Long distance highway/high grade road transportation usage
  • Extra wear-resistance

Dynacargo Y202

  • Shallow Depth Trailer
  • 5-rib design promotes premium handling, stability and traction
  • Optimum tread design promotes even wear in free rolling and trailer axle positions
  • Enhanced siping provides traction and fights irregular wear
  • SmartWay Verified for improved Fuel Efficiency (FE)

Zeetex ZTH

  • Tread design and shallow tread depth contribute to fuel efficiency
  • Shoulder ribs resist scrubbing from side forces
  • Four wide grooves provide all-season performance on wet and dry roads

Utility Trailer And RV Tires

Maxxis 8008

  • Advanced tread compound designed to decrease rolling resistance for improved fuel economy and tread life
  • Double steel-belted construction for added strength and vehicle towing stability
  • Full nylon cap available in selected sizes for improved uniformity and durability
  • Excellent shock absorption while providing superior load-handling performance


Manufacturer Part Number OT1050
Section Width 205
Aspect Ratio 75 millimeters
Rim Diameter 15 inches

OTR Tires

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Light Truck Tires

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